About to loose a deal with new MAI appraisal of $1.2MM will sell to keep from loosing for $650,000!

I have a deal under contract that the lender has totally screwed up! I have the title work, MAI appraisal as-is for $1.2MM, $250K rehab. ARV value $2MM, stabilized NOI $170,000, purchase $650,000 no negotiating. Must close in a week! This has a $70K NOI as it sets. Really great purchase in a great location, the story even gets better with more info. If interested please email me at rphinkle@gmail.com. Must show proof of funds to selling bank immediately and I will sign over at closing. I may need the funding or part of it at least to close and not loose it. I have not gotten the copy of the appraisal yet, may be getting an as-is and ARV values.

Randy Hinkle


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