When you take a look at our website you will notice that we are a small business incubator. What this mean is we have start ups that need funding all of the time. This is good for investors because they have choices of the kinds of projects they desire to participate. 

What is most needed across the nation is those who are willing to invest in small micro start up enterprises. For the most part I am speaking about ten to one hundred thousand. Not all deals have to cost a million plus to earn a million plus!

I am working on a deal presently that requires $100K  to acquire a five acre business center that has 12 business locations, six are occupied and presently the project is collecting over $4,000 per month in rents. Once we perform some clean up / curb appeal it will generate over $15,000 per month in rents from stable family run businesses who take pride in providing quality products and services. We intend to pay 15% ROI because we are seeking a hard money loan to get going. We will refinance the project in about a year once it stabilizes and then we will cash out the investor with a handsome return on the investment, not too mention we are still willing to provide a monthly fee until we cash out.

This is only one of many of this kind of project that we are able to bring to the table. What we are not interested in are those who want to charge hefty fees up front and have no intention on delivering what they promise. In today's business climate we need to get back to what made our nation strong and successful in it's early years. We called our selves Pioneers! We worked hard and made our money the old fashion way, "we earned it!"   


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I provide funding for projects at the $10M + price point. If anything that fits my criteria comes across your desk contact me at: Lockhart.gas.oil.realestate.gc@gmail.com.
Project owner must have 5% of total project cost at closing.

Sounds Good, I do have a few projects to share one is a 14 acre beach front hotel  I will provide details perhaps over the weekend.  


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