90% Financing for Owner Occpuied Commercial Real Estate

Are you looking to purchase any of the following properties:

1. Office
2. Warehouse

3. Hotel/Motel

4. Mechanic Shop

5. Assisted Living Facility

6. Private School/ Montessori

7. Retail Shop

8. Gym

... these are just a few types of property that potentially can be financed with as little as 10% down. If you are seeking funding to purchase commercial owner occupied real estate, and would like to know more about how to purchase with as little as 10% down. Please feel free to visit www.mcgrovercapital.com or call direct at 407-765-0341.

Bonus!!! If you are buying owner occupied commercial real estate through McGrover Commercial Capital, we can finance into your loan:

1. closing costs

2. hard costs

3. soft costs

4. furniture fixtures and business equipment.

Call for more information...

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I am trying to buy commercial non-owner occupied property in Milwaukee, WI. Will you be able to fund this purchase with 10% down payment?


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