I have a New Mexico shelf company (LLC) for sale. The LLC was registered in June 2009, and is in good standing. The LLC was set up (by me) for a real estate investing purpose, and has "real estate" in the name. It has an EIN number, as well as a Duns number. It might have a D&B rating, since it's in their system since 2009, but I don't know what the rating is. 

The LLC has further nothing attached to it. No established credit, no trade lines, never had a bank account etc. Completely clean. This is not a LLC that I bought, I set it up my self to use for real estate investing, but never actually used it.

New Mexico has very easy filing requirements for domestic LLC's: no yearly filings are required. It is also not necessary to file an operating agreement, and an operating agreement was in fact never set up for the LLC. But please do your own due diligence regarding filing requirements etc. 

Asking $5,000. 

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