***80% LTV's and $25 Million In Real Estate Funding*** Global Property Group 585-270-0923...

Let Global Property Group Inc. place YOU with Direct Hard Money Lending or Private Money for your real estate transaction! We can help people who either need money faster than the conventional loan process or anyone who has been turned down by the conventional banks but do have a loan scenario that makes good business sense. Global Property Group, Inc can assist you in finding that specific or creative loan that you need whether it be 100% funding or if you are just in need of a bridge loan we have the ability to make sure you obtain and secure what you need financially to complete your real estate transaction.Our loan terms can range from 1 to 30 years with loan amount from $100,000 up to $25,000,000 with interests rates ranging from 3% to 12%. We look for 3 Components in all our loans:


1. LTV's up to 80% as well as full funding


2. Borrower/Property with the ability to service our interest only debt

3. Clear Exit Strategy from our Loan

Our typical loan scenarios are cash out, bank turndowns, fixer ups & flips, discounted note payoffs and purchase money & refinance transactions. It makes sense to use us because we have creative underwriting, flexible lending platforms, fast funding decision & closings and broker friendly.

If you have a loan scenario to discuss or would like more information; please feel free to contact us at 585-270-0923 to discuss all details of our financing.

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I repeat,,,, Evergreen Home Loan has never heard of a Mark Luke 

pass him personal info at your own risk ,,,

I understand you originate commercial loans. That is why I wanted to ask you for some help. My group is offering loan originators and loan officers an incredible commissions schedule. In fact, we believe it sets the PCFC Group apart from all the other groups that are in the commercial funding arena. Everyone who refers a loan request to us is eligible to receive either 50% of the points charged on their client’s loan or 100% of the points charged. The payouts to you rotate - 50%, 100%, 50%, 100% and so on.

On all commercial loans, we charge the borrower 2 points as a success fee. If the loan involves any new construction, we charge an additional point. If you refer your client to us and we successfully broker that loan, you will either earn half of the success fee or all of it, depending on which position in the closing cycle you may be. No one we know offers such profitable incentives. After all, wouldn't you like to earn more on each of your loans?

Correspondents are not employees of the PCFC Group. We work with them on a partnership level. Our partnership with you costs your client nothing extra. No additional fees from us are ever tacked onto any loan request. It’s a fantastic opportunity for a Correspondent who is serious about their goals. As you already know, 1 point equals 1 percent of the approved loan amount. So, as an example based on our Success Fees Schedule, 50% of 2 points charged on a $1.5M loan pays you $15,000. And if your commissions were at 100%, you would earn $30,000. And, by the way, we do not charge any administrative fees to Correspondents. Your earnings are exact without any deductions.

Now, you may be asking, “Why would the PCFC Group offer 100% commissions?”  Well, first of all, most sales commission formats lack incentives and typically pay too lightly on the side that requires the most work. Many people often wish that there were some sort of rewarding goals set for them that they could always strive to reach – particularly, one right after the other. Our commissions schedule is the driving force behind the motivation which makes the challenge much more fun.

If after reading this message you are interested in becoming a PCFC Group partner, please visit this webpage - http://commercialfunding.iwillbeyourbank.com/partnerships/


Troy Ross, CEO of the PCFC Group
Your Commercial and Residential Rehab Funding Resource
Located in Goochland County, Virginia
Toll Free (888) 422-0190

PS - We offer all Correspondents access to our Team Hub (an online discussion forum), our free eBook "How to Effectively Broker Commercial Loans" and access to the Group Office which will allow you to track your loans in real time! Does your broker offer such resources?

Good Afternoon Gabriel,

I am looking for short term financing of 1- 4 unit investment properties in Milwaukee, WI at realestatefinance.ning.com. I left you voicemail a few minutes back. I have the following questions about your loan program:

-        What is the interest rate?

-        What are the points?

-        What is the LTV?

-        How much money do I have to put down?

-        How soon can you close?

-        What is the length of the loan? I would need financing for at least 6 months.

Please reply and let me know.



Hello Lokesh, 

I am sorry that I missed your call and I am wondering if you dialed our other office number. Please call me on office line 585-939-7550 this is our new office line and location and I would be more than inclined to speak with you regarding your funding needs. 

Best regards,

Gabriel Freeman 


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