Client seeking $53M in funds for purchase and rehab.
Apartment complexes in Southern US. Over 2500 units total

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Send info here at: Hard Money

May I have more information?

Selma, My investment group is aggressively looking to fund all Commercial projects $250k up to 55MM, and can close 30-45 days.please contact me @ 786-543-3023 or 

send project details will get u funds at my email


Call me and let's discuss 1-800-971-4405 Ext 0



James Bitting

Green Edge Funding, LLC


first send project summary 

thank you

I have investors that may be interested...complete the worksheet attached and email to


Would you consider the purchase of existing homes? I have a great project - rent to buy - affordable for all, steady returns.


I have a lender that's interested. Please send project details, Executive Summary to


Call me and let's discuss 1-800-971-4405 Ext 0


James Bitting

Green Edge Funding , LLC

Indiana Business Finance is comprised of 30+ hedge funds, private equity groups, family offices, and venture capital firms. Our funding source lend/ provide JV equity on any commercial real estate deals here in the U.S. from 250K to 5B.

 Outside the U.S. deals must be 5M and up seeking funding. Along with commercial real estate our funding source love oil/gas deals, gold/silver/coal mining deals, and solar/alternative energy deals seeking funding of 10M and up. We have every form of loan covered. We have firms doing bridge loans, transactional funding, hard money, and low interest rate, 30-40 year mortgages. On the equity side our members will only provide JV equity on cash flowing deals preferably hotel, trophy properties, mixed use, multifamily, office and industrial.

Give you an example of what IBF can do for you look over the following offer: A. $2M loan with a minimum of $200K, no repayment and fixed interest rate at 3.625% or 4.620%. Payments are interest only, depending on the term.  (This does not include negotiable points)

James Carroll

Small Business Funding Expert

Funding Today's Small Businesses up to $500,000 in 15 Days

(765) 271- 5665 (Direct)

Hello James,

I would like to arrange a time to discuss further.

Please let me know your availability.


James Bitting

Green Edge Funding, LLC

1-800-971-4405 Ext 0/716-406-8033


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