$51 Million Master Community Development Project-Now Open for JV Partners.

Experienced team with excellent track record seeks to expand their equity partner relationships.
This project is approved and/or under contract in several of the most prestigious locations in the USA. Don’t miss this opportunity to get in on the ground floor of today’s hottest commercial developments. Project includes Luxury Senior Living, Luxury Town Homes, Open Air Mall, College Extension Campuses and Student Housing. Participate with $1 million-$80 million. No loans or debt funding is needed only JV partners. For more details contact Lisarae21@yahoo.com.

Attached is an Executive Summary of our prototypical $51 Million Master Community Development Project. This project is superbly located in one the most prestigious California Coastal communities.

We are seeking a joint venture partner to provide $5.0 Million of the $5.6 Million required to entitle and develop (preparation for building) each location. The joint venture partner will share equally in the profits from this venture. We do not use loans or debt financing for these projects. Our team can complete up to five locations simultaneously which can accommodate an investment of up to $25 Million if desired.

As a joint partner, you will receive the return of your $5 Million investment on or before month 24. The Joint Venture Partnership Agreement requires the deposit of $5 Million. This deposit contractually gives you a fifty percent share of the Profits. The Project Pro Forma Summary costs and profits are as follows:
University to purchase 13 acres of the total 76 acres: $51.0 Million
Cost to entitle, develop and own the entire 76 acres: $39.5 Million
Profit: $11.5 Million
By month 25 of this joint venture partnership the partnership owns the remaining entitled and developed 63 acres free and clear. The partners may choose to sell off section by section, choose to build on it or, hold it for future profits. We have many qualified buyers who have demonstrated an interest in purchasing the land once it is entitled. Property located and entitled in coastal California is extremely difficult to find. We are very proud to state that we have negotiated the rights to replicate this project in sixteen very attractive locations.

Time is of the essence and we look forward to speaking with you on a conference call to further discuss the details of the partnership and this opportunity.
Kindest Regards,
Lisa Stevens

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What do you need to facilitate moving forward with an investment in our project?

I got this confused with Linked In for a moment, but I also saw in my private email that I have sent info to the email address you provided which was richardfunding@gmail.  That is why I said the name Richard in the email I just sent to you. 

Let me know,


Private money backed by $500 Billion

NO POINTS, 100% Financing, No credit verification, Stated Income, Stated Assets, Any Size Loan, No Prepay Penalty. 30 year loan. Commercial, Residential, Construction, Purchase or Refi, Acquisition  Any State or Country.

This is not Hard Money our pricing is usually lower then conventional lending.


I responded by email.  Ron @ NEPCO, INC

I am an investor and a private Money Lender,I am interested in funding good business plans, we render Construction funds, 100% JV Equity,Low Income Housing, Large-Scale Debt, Small Balance, DIP(Debtor in Possession), Apt. Equity Participation, Non Recourse for Multi Family & Assisted Living, Commercial Bridge/Hard Money, Mezzanine Programs, Income Producing Property, Commercial Land Development, Stock Loans as well as seed capital. Interested in getting your project funding, Our interest rate is 4% Annually.

Best Regards,
Richard Max.

Address: 4625 Sherland  Rd,Mountain View,
CA 94043, USA.

(872) 225-2819

Email: richardmaxfinancialloans@gmail.com


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