I’m looking for $50K to use for real estate investment 

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Hello please contact me on: tomaswood@mail.com i can help you get what you seek for.

CFG Financial Group USA ( with more than two decades of financial service experience working together with CFG USA lending partners around the world ‌ ‌ )

Borrower must visit & click ‌ the following ONLINE URL ‌ TO APPLY DIRECTLY - CFG USA Related Funding Application Form ‌ for their immediate attention and initial underwriting by CFG USA.

Davidwkleeglobalfunding With CFG USA    CFG USA Affiliate Portal

David Lee

Help business owners get the funding they need to succeed 

Help both start-ups and existinng businesses

Offer funding programs for every situation

Contribute to business growth 

*** This funding program works directly with banks and business lenders to obtain the best terms possible for each of our client ***

About Us

Send ECC Entrepreneur Capital Corporation USA Possible business Fun...

At ECC Entrepreneur Capital Corporation USA Est. in 1988 , we have over 30 years of experience with business and financial services. From real-estate investments to existing or start-up financial services, our experts can secure the funding you need.

David Lee 

ECC USA Registered Business Affiliate & Finance Agent 

Are you a business owner? Real Estate investor?
Perhaps you need funds for your personal needs.
Worry no more, we have got you covered.
Our loan programs ranges from Real Estate Investment loans
including long term and short term loans for fix and flip projects,
buy and hold, commercial properties etc.
Our Business loan program is design to help start-ups,
grow your business, expand and asset purchases.
Need a Personal loan? Feel free to contact us.
Our rates are unbeatable, friendly, and processes are very swift and
time sensitive!
E-mail: enetfinancialserviceinc7@gmail.com
website: www.e-netfinancialservice.com

Our most popular program “Strategic Credit Lines” offers 0% interest for a term of 12 - 18 months, and requires NO W2's, NO paystubs, NO bank statements or collateral. STATED PROGRAM. This program is solely based on personal credit (700 Fico).

The average client is able to secure $70,000 to $150,000 in funding. The potential per applicant is up to $200,000. Many of our clients use this funding to start or purchase a new business, purchase a franchise, coin base purchase (crypto currency) or as working capital for an existing business.

And, of course, it's great for for real estate investors to use for earnest money, down payment or fix up money!

Any program for less than 700 credit

That will be difficult. We can help with credit repair/improvement if you would like.


Hello, are you in need of Real Estate and other Financing means for your Deals/Projects and Jobs??
Financing for Flips/Bridge/Purchases/Start-ups/Consolidation/Debt/Projects of all forms.
Please contact us today and you will get your need in 48 hours no delay.
Email: william.investcointernational@yahoo.com

William Matos.


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