I'm  Looking to Fund a Commercial Real Estate 1st Position Cash Out.  The Property is located in Ohio and has been appraised for $1,250,000.00 and is owned free and clear.  The Client (TR CONSTRUCTION)  wants to Borrow $500,000.00 in order to Renovate.  He is requesting a  No Doc Investor Commercial Loan with NO UPFRONT SECURITY DEPOSIT. THE BUILDING/PROPERTY IS OWNED FREE AND CLEAR. What Documentation does the Client need to Provide? APPRAISAL - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

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Vernon - 

You aren't going to find a legitimate commercial lender that will fund a commercial loan with no docs without some sort of due diligence deposit.  If the owner has no cash then what lender would be willing to extend a loan to an owner who it suspects is cash poor?  Lenders don't want to end up owning real estate.  And if has no cash, he shouldn't be owning commercial real estate.

Rich Coppage
DerCam Capital Advisors

“A Stryde/GMG Agency”
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rich@dercamgrp.com  | dercamgrp.com

Two things that are of importance to get this done. Credit score above 650 and verifiable cash in the bank that shows the client can afford the loan payments. Reach out to discuss more.

BTW how old is the appraisal?

Chris Cambridge 888 835-3640



Please send executive summary for review. No upfront fees.

Best Regards,

Phillip Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services




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Manhattan, New York, NY $4,500,000 hard money to perm loan use for construction of 12 condominium units

Manhattan, New York, NY $4,000,000 hard money for construction of 20,000 square feet mixed used building

Queens, New York $1,512,000 for construction of a five-unit condominium

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Macon, GA $249,000 for a real estate wholesaler to purchase and rehab two-story single family into a rental

Denver, CO $154,000 REO purchase for a two-family property

Reno, NV $304,000 purchase and rehab of a four-family rental



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