5 unit multifamily owner occupied loan needed Direct Lender

I am looking for a direct lender that has a program to fund a 5 unit. The buyer wants to occupy one of the units and rent out the exisiting units. He would like to push leverage at a decent rate. Offer is in at $820,000. The property is located in the D.C. area.

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Good day, Mr. Kim - we can introduce you to our direct fully-licensed lender and we will not charge you for the introduction since the mortgage lender pays us.

Please contact us so we can discuss the lender's due diligence requirements.  They can close within 2-4 weeks depending on the scenario specifics and the rate will be well below prime.

Mr. Kim,

Just sent you a DM.

You want a direct lender? Am I going to deal with the buyer directly?

Reggie Truss


If it is a fit then of course.

 I can assist. Feel free to contact me at admin@stranixcapital.com

References available

Hi L Kim :

Visit our US official company website below and apply online directly for your related funding request:


David Lee




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