I am seeking funding for a 38-unit residential opportunity in Richmond VA.  Please contact me if you have interest in reviewing the details 

David L Groth

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Can you email me your details as well as a possible CA to jrohner55@gmail.com, and I will review and respond. It may not fund until January but we can get it in front of our investor team.


James Rohner

Please send me executive summary of your project to scharlesthomas1@gmail.com

or call Sam Thomas at Paramount Financial Partners (515) 554-5541


Feel free to contact me @ lchaddavis@hotmail.com with details. Lived in Richmond 25 plus years and familiar with the area.



Chad Davis


Happy to do so. I will be in touch tomorrow, Wed Dec 11



If this is a real request, I would like to take a look.

I am not a lender, but depending upon the loan amount, I might be able to help you with this.  One of my trusted lenders just rolled out a really aggressive lending program for portfolios of SFRs.

Email is best initially.  I would like to see more details.

Jared Rine

jaredrine@gmail.com or jared@glblsolutions.com

209 481 0514

Absolutely a real request Jared, I will contact you via email.  Thank you



Please send executive summary to stonecreekfs@yahoo.com

Please email a summary to mdeibel@knightheadfunding.com.  I am a direct private equity lender based in Greenwich, Connecticut and I lend nationwide.

Thanks David


I would like to look at the project. Please send me "the details". Is it Purchase? Refinance? $0 Due Diligence fees. Please e-mail me n.carter@ajtmfinancialonline.com or call me 404-462-8650


We have 35+ years of experience and plenty of lenders that will look at your deal. Please email me at waoconnell@yahoo.com the Executive Summary and Rent Roll on the project. We can have an indication of interest and terms to you in 24-48 hours. Please feel free to visit our website at www.jwfunding.com

Thanks Again,

Will O'Connell


Thank you.  I was able to secure non-recourse funding for 75% of the project.  I am now looking for private equity in $25K Membership lots, total up to $225K.  If you have interest in exploring, please let me know

Regards, have a great holiday season



I am interested in knowing who funded your project? I can be reached at anita@1bridgecapital.com.



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