I am seeking funding for a 38-unit residential opportunity in Richmond VA.  Please contact me if you have interest in reviewing the details 

David L Groth

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I sent private email



Marc Simpson here with Peak Choice Capital. Multifamily units in the Southern region are a favorite with our financing. Feel free to send more details to me directly. No time wasted, just answers and results.

Best regards,

Marc Simpson

Skype: EmpoExpo

Hi David

Just saw your post. I may be able to assist you in your funding request Please give me or my partner Mike a call 603-560-4398.

Ann O'Rourke



My firm funds loans through out the world, we can fund your deal.. Please email me an executive summary and I will get an answer within 24 hours or so.. rabuata@eastern-cap.com


We can deliver bank instruments BG,SBLC, MTN on lease in accordance with our working procedures which I will be glad to email you upon request and according to the approved verbiage of your receiving bank. We have a willing and able provider and we look forward to working with you.

Please advise asap.


Email:~ mclease.combal@gmail.com
Skype ID: mclease.combal


  I am happy to hear that you found financing. I also would have been able to get a non recourse loan up to 80%, if you ever need that for the future.

Thanks ,



Good morning, We can certainly help you with your unit residential in Richmaon Va. Please call me or my partner Pete and we can help you right away.

Good morning, We can certainly help you with your properties. Please call me or my partner Pete.

Felix And Pete Llanes

Phone: (949) 441-5960 Ext. 169

Fax:   (949) 954-7560

Email: pete@BusinessFinanceStore.com



I believe I have contacted everyone as of 12.13.2013, if not, please send me an email or reply to this thread, 

Thank you all for your interest, 



D Solution Home, 

Thank you for your inquiry.  At this point I am only looking for private equity, up to $225K. 

Please contact me if you have interest, 



Email me detail with your phone number and email, and we will review and respond.



David, I would be glad to finance this-please contact me any time, I am direct messaging my details.

I am only sourcing private equity at this point in time, no debt of any kind



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