I have a borrower that needs to borrow $300,000 in Indianapolis. Loan secured by rental properties with a wholesale value of $750,000. Money to be used for rehab of other properties. No debt on his portfolio, loan will be in first position. No upfront fees please.

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COMMERCIAL Purchase, Refi, Cash Out Refi: $100k - $4mil. Up to 70% LTV + 100% REHAB (Not greater than 65% ARV) Cash Out Refi – not greater than 60% LTV. 9-13%, Interest Only, No pre-pay penalty. Up to 12 months/6 month extension. 10-15 days to close. 2-4 points. Nationwide USA. (On some deals can go higher than $4 mil)

RESIDENTIAL Purchase, Refi, FIX-n-FLIPS! 1-4 units, Up to 80% on Purchase, 100% REHAB (not to exceed 65% ARV), 30 day loans to 12 months, Min $100k, 10-14%, Interest only, No pre pay penalty, 2-4 points, Can close in 10 biz days in most cases, Nationwide USA. No owner occupied.

Meredith J. Weiss
Private Money Nationwide
TAMCO Capital can provide funding your commercial deals between $75,000 to $350,000. Small apartments, Mixed Use, Retail, Office, Warehouse, Hotel/Motel, Recreation, Daycare, Hair Salon, Auto Body, Funeral Home, Church, Self Storage, Convenience and more. Close in 2-3 weeks. 60% LTV, Credit scores from 475. No Seasoning or Penalty for Early Payoff.
Contact: rbeverly@tamcocapital.com

Larger deals from $2MM to $25MM considered case-by-case by our senior analysts.

Hello Monte,

My name is Nick, I am a private lender. Give me a all asap, I have flexible terms.




Hi Monte,

Give me a call, we can provide you with the capital you need fast and easy. Nick (310)480-4447 or malkut@outlook.com

Eneldes Plc is into funding of the following categories:

Start-up funding
Commercial Real Estate Finance*
Venture Capital
Seed Capital
Early stage funding
Business Financing
Personal Loans
Hard Money loans
Debt Consolidation
Start up funding
Auto loans
Rea Estate funding
Unsecured Loans
.......and many more.

Annual interest rate is 5%, No collateral facility required, Poor credit not a disadvantage, Loan Repayment spreads out over years, We pay a commission of 1% for referral service. eneldes.plc2015@yandex.com
Contact us Via E-mail : eneldes.plc2015@yandex.com

Kindly Regards,
Jeremy Sanders,

See www.RPCapitalAdvisors.com and apply online. You can call me at 202-604-5480.

See www.RPCapitalAdvisors.com and apply online. You can call me at 202-604-5480.


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