Long Term Funding Solutions

This product is LONG term 3/1 arm for a 30 year loan option:
Apply here:


Acquisition for Turn Key
Rehab Fix & Flip & Hold
Buy & Rent & Hold
Cash Out Refinance

Up to 100% Funding (Terms and Conditions may apply)

Property Type:
Residential - Residential is defined as 1-4 Family Units which includes: Single Family Homes, Town homes, Condominiums, Duplexes, Triplexes, and Four plexes.
Property Use:
Investment Property Only - Investment is defined as Non-Owner Occupied, typically owned by a company for the sole purpose of investment whereby Owner has no intentions of occupying home today or in the future as a principal residence, second home, or vacation home
Collateral: 1st Position Mortgage / Deed of Trust Only
Nearly all Individuals and Entities are acceptable.  We specialize in non-recourse applications such as Self-Directed IRA's and Foreign National Borrowers.


Max of 65% LTV on Purchase Price (Appraised Value) which ever is less

Max of 65% LTV on Refinance (of Today's Appraised Value) - Perfect to get out of short term just after rehab. ARV Value

NO Seasoning Requirements on value or time owned


  • 360 month terms (30 year loan)
  • Rate is 8.25% (3/1 Arm start at 8.25 first 3 years then to adjust once to 10%) this is a PITI payment, not interest only.
  • 4.5 - 6.5 pts
  • Brokers add + 2.5% max
  • No prepay penalty
  • great for rental property
  • No Minimum Loan Requirement (we prefer $25,000 - $1,000,000)
  • No Credit Requirement

Loan Doc Requirements:

  • Corp Docs
  • Tax ID
  • Purchase Contract
  • Lease Agreement
  • One Month Bank Statement
  • Appraisal
  • Title with 24 month chain, and CPL
  • Insurance


  • Appraisal $400
  • Credit Underwriting $100
  • Asset Underwriting $300
  • Doc Prep$250
  • Loan Processing $495
  • Loan Servicing $150


James Mangus | The HUD Ninja

www.HUDNINJA.com - Training




LONG TERM PRODUCT 30 years if needed
Available in the following MSA’s

Athens, GA - MSA
Atlanta, GA - MSA
Birmingham, AL - MSA
Cleveland, OH - MSA
Columbus, OH
Fort Myers, FL - MSA
Fort Worth, TX - MSA
Houston, TX - MSA
Indianapolis, IN - MSA
Jackson, MS - MSA
Kansas City, KS - MSA
Kansas City, MO - MSA
Memphis, TN - MSA
Oklahoma City, OK - MSA
Orlando, FL - MSA
San Antonio, TX - MSA
Austin, TX - MSA
Boise, ID - MSA
Charlotte, NC - MSA
Chicago, IL - MSA
Chicago, IL - MSA
Cincinnati, OH - MSA
Dallas, TX - MSA
Jacksonville, FL - MSA
Las Vegas, NV - MSA
Macon, GA - MSA
Nampa, ID - MSA
Phoenix, AZ - MSA
Pittsburgh, PA - MSA
Richmond, VA - MSA
Tampa, FL- MSA
Winston - Salem, NC - MSA

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Good Morning,

I have an opportunity to purchase two properties at 180,000 with cash flow and another at 150,000 with positive cash flow.

How can you help in this process


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