30 yr fixed DSCR

Loan Types:  Purchase, Rate/Term, Cash Out

Property Types:  Non-Owner Occupied Residential Properties SFR, 2-9 units 


  • Loan Size from $75,000+
  • Rates start at 4.25% on 30-year FIXED
  • Up to 80% for Purchase & Rate/Term
  • Up to 75% for Cash Out
  • Min credit score 620
  • Asset Based Lending No Income Documentation
  • DSCR calculated from Appraisal Market Rent (no lease on purchase, no lease on refi <10%LTV>)
  • Interest Only available
  • 30-year amortization on all property types
  • Investment Non-owner occupied ONLY
  • Min DCSR down to 0.8X
  • Flexible Prepayment Penalty for DSCR
  • Short-Term Rentals
  • Long-Term Rentals
  • Existing Appraisals acceptable within 5 months or can be ordered outside AMC for quick turn times
  • Send an email for a submission form: kenny@915group.com
  • Ken Meeks, Managing Partner, 915 Group, 469-300-0051

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