The only good offer is one that gets accepted! If you offers are not getting accepted…read on!

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Tips for making great offers-

1.      Sellers only care about one thing…their own problems!  Problem solving offers get accepted! Do some homework before making the offer and find out why the seller is selling and what does the property need (repairs etc.). A great offer will solve for these three areas in this order-

Sellers Problems, Property Problems, Your Problems.

2.      Is the agent on your side? Remember an agent has a fiduciary responsibility to submit your offer to the seller but they don’t have to recommend it. If there is an agent involved in your deal and you are making an offer through them, make sure they are a part of creating the offer. Discuss the terms of the offer and get feedback from them along the way. If they are a part of creating the offer they will be more inclined to recommend it.

3.      Always know when and how to make a creative offer. If the property has issues such as deferred maintenance or low occupancy you will want to offer a master lease option or seller financing. Both of these offers can allow you to take control of the property with little or no money out of your pocket and can allow you to solve the sellers/properties/your problems while creating equity and cash flow.

For more info get my free report on Tips for Creative Financing at

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