We constantly realize returns far greater than the S&P. However, some people that attend tax auctions pay far too much for properties. We have seen people lose their life savings. Doing proper and thorough due diligence is what separates us from the rest.

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I would like more information on this including your methodolgy and due diligence.


Raymond Loughlin


I would be happy to get you more information on my methodology and due diligence. Please visit my profile and send me an email with your contact information and preferred means of communication.



Hello Kent

Saw your posting online. I am a private lender willing to work with you. Flexible repayment terms and a timely closing schedule. We offer at minimum rates of 4.70% APR. Get back via email for details.

Jason McDow
Alpha Financial Solutions Ltd.

Thank you for you message, Brian. Please visit my profile and email me your requirements.



Please visit my profile and message me with your contact information for the details.

ALEX KEN is a scammer.

Thank you Susie!


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