Hello to everyone. My name is Tina Hastings. I own a few small rentals and purchased a multifamily property back in August. I am noticing many low priced 2 to 4 unit properties here in Pennsylvania and I am interested in possibly purchasing one of these as well. Due to my recent multifamily purchase my credit score has dipped to around 690 but I have never made a late payment in my life. Looking in the $350,000 to $450,000 range. I have down payment money but wish to make the smallest down payment possible since my recent apartment complex purchase depleted a big chunk of my funds.

My last loan was done through the former Administrator of this website. Since she is no longer associated with this site I think I would like to work with one of the direct lenders here. If that describes you, please message me. If you could please send me a link to your company website that would be very nice. I want to get a preapproval letter so I can start looking at properties with a Realtor.


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Hi Tina.

This is Monty. Lisa used to be my Admin. She is still a friend of this website, just no longer Admin.

I am an AE with a direct lender and this is a loan I can do. I actually assisted Lisa with your Multifamily purchase a couple months back so I am familiar with your qualifications. If you can give me about 10 minutes I will email you a short list of questions and an application to fill out. When you return that I will verify everything, then get you a PreApproval.

I saw your post a couple hours ago and had been waiting to give the other lenders on this website a chance to respond. Since nobody has, I am happy to make this happen for you. Please check your email in 10 to 15 minutes.

Happy to help!

Monty Yeager
Account Executive
Capital Three Sixty

Hi Tina Hastings :

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Hi real estate finance website lenders. I am still looking to get preapproved so I can start looking for a 2 or 3 unit rental property in Pennsylvania. If any lenders out there are interested in providing financing for me on this upcoming purchase, please DM me here on the website.

Thank you!



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