2 options for this magnificent 250 acres venue offering camping and entertainment for the adult crowd.

This is a property worth over $3,000,000.00 as it offers a gigantic barn turned into an entertainment center surrounded by 250 acres of farmland and forest and it has the main house that is also an all year round hosting facility. Many trailers are also part of the ownership and serve as accommodations for the visitors for the summer months.
You could be the sole owner and make a serious offer or there is an option of co-ownership varying between 40% - 60 % depending of what one would prefer to bring forth.
Located in Ontario, Canada, on the east side and serving 3 main cities such as Ottawa, Cornwall and Montreal. Visitors come from all parts of North America but the 3 mentioned cities are where the majority are from.
If interested e-mail at Affiliat@the-grand-barn.com

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