Hospitality  Flag  Hotels and Motels.    Industrial Office  Buildings.    Office Parks.   

Student Housing.  Shopping Centers and Malls .

Assisted Living.    Medical  Facilities  (Hospitals ,Clinics etc )    Self storage Warehouses 

Apartment  Complexes.    Golf Courses.   Mobile Home Parks.  Energy and Mining

2 Million Minimum to Unlimited Capital.

Let us make your project a reality!!

We have lenders that fund when others Can’t!!!!!!!

Brokers  Invited  and FULLY Protected (If Your the direct link to borrower)

Over 50 Years Banking Experience

Contact Us Today!!!!!!!!!!!!                             

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Please forward contact information at your earliest convenience.
Thank you,
Ed Franklin
Northwest Capital Services, LLC
'Business & Commercial Loan Specialists'
P (509) 994-3230, M-F, 8-5, PT

F (509) 695-1160

Would you fund the down payement for a % of equity and rent in apartment building acquisition 100% occupied with positive cash flow? The seller is financing 80% and we have to bring 20% CASH DOWN plus $3000 acquisition fee.

If interested please contact

Thank you.

Hello Don - I have US and International contacts seeking funding for Commercial Projects.

I would like to discuss your requirements/reach to see if I might refer clients to you for possible consideration.

Please let me know if you would be open to connecting! Thank you


Linda please contact my email is

(239) 271-1342

Please send more informations to


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