I work for a group who has a portfolio of about 150 Single Family, Non-Owner-Occupied properties that I need to get refinanced  -- about $7.5 Million in loan volume.  The properties are primarily located in Michigan, Illinois, Alabama and Las Vegas. 

Additionally, we have over 1,500 properties (also SFR, N/O/O with renters) that have been purchased by our students over the past 20 months, and we are selling about 150 new properties each month.

I am looking for a loan product(s) to finance these individually, (or possibly on a blanket loan in the case of the 150 company owned properties).  Many of our students own multiple properties and values range between $30k and $130k.  Our biggest hurdles to date are with trying to find sources for the small balance loans and financing more than 4 properties.

Can you help us, or can you refer me to someone who might be able to?

Thanks for your help.


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We have a program for SFR (N/O/O) properties.   Below are the program guidelines:

•SFR Only
•Stated Income
•Non-Owner Occupied
•Close in Business Name
•Unlimited REO
•Up to 70% LTV
•Loans to $1 million
•650 Fico
•No tax returns required

If interested give me a call or e-mail. Please feel free to visit our site to see the types of financing we offer.


John Setser, Owner

Setser Capital Solutions



p: 419-520-9566


Good Morning,

I can't help with a funding product but would be interested in speaking with you regarding your available properties for sale. Specifically multi family. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,

Ed Franklin
SEO Consulting, LLC
'Business and Financial Consultants'
(509) 994-3230, 8-4, M-F, PT


I might be able to assist. Any packages you can send will be extremely helpful.

David Kindopp ~ Independent Mortgage Broker             

Private money/hard money for 15 years ~

4% and 5% (quasi-institutional) money for quality commercial projects    


voice: 916-222-5687  fax: 916-644-6278
e-mail  hardloans@yahoo.com  


$75,000 to $5,000,000 ~ or more 

(as low as $30,000 in California)

Website: http://icloseprivatemoneyrealestateloans.com/David_Kindopp.html        

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/david-kindopp/12/33/974


David Kindopp is a scam. He also has profiles under the name Jason Dillard

  Hello Kevin,

I know a lot of lenders must have contacted you with what they have to offer but I would like to prove to you why we are different from other lenders.

  I would be expecting your email so that I can give you all the details you need, be rest assured that we have the best terms, best rates and best advise for your loan.

*For inquiry questions and application, please email and call:

Thank you for choosing GreenStar-Lending
James Wright (Head of Operations)
Email: james@greenstarlending.com
Call:  (920) 288-2926
Fax:  (920)-393-3818
Skype: james.wright618




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