We only fund projects $10M plus, NO Ceiling.
100% funding.
Project owner must have 5% of total project cost due at CLOSING TABLE.
Decisions made within 24 HOURS.
Email your proposal, executive summary & business plan to

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We are the only answer to investments paying back big is a company with low profile, With the products of the world that fill a need that is our focus, and the world has great needs. new non-stop energy, new non-stop food , new forestry, even desert renewal. We have them all.

But to send business plans without an "non-disclosure agreement signed by notary public- to show billion dollar inventions without meetings is not our business direction, we keep our products and our methods only viewed when people place hard funds in our account, ask yourself this question- even with a patent pending , would you really want to loose a great invention because someone happened to start talking with someone else and bingo the idea was then made by another company ? If I was the investor, I would want the idea treated like top secret , because I could lose my money if the idea had been shown to other investors previously, so- we take every precaution to protect our products prior to launch.

So- we hope this won't discourage you to contact our office, and begin a relationship with a company holding over 4,000

plus inventions. ZOOM LLC , a 24 years in products design and development with a successful track record of licensed ideas now making our own. Richard Neff USA - 716 319 7018

Being your company seeks top inventions - meet and we will show you a world of great projects that will make new energy

methods better than oil, and we will show you how oil will still be used but more profitable. Remember "we invent the future."  our website is being re-done so please excuse we can only present a older small investment website at this time-




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