Available funding for viable commercial real estate projects. This program provides 100% equity financing for large-scale development projects that require a joint venture partner; development projects that require a joint venture partner. ($250k - $500m)  Principals only, No Brokers

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We look for private equity or JV Investors -PE / JV- up to 50% for the acquisition of ready financed profitable existing good income producing commercial real estate like retail shopping strips, malls, and multifamily residential properties. Interested parties or direct too are invited to joining us.Sought participation up to17M. Drafted Equity Investment agreement can be sent upon request to serious interested investors, fast closing.

Hi do you have a contact number.  Please email me.

I emailed you yesterday and have not heard back, We have a 100 acre green, solar, geo thermal, LEED certified community development. I represent the principal. I will be paid by principal. Principal hired me to find funding, I am a funding consultant. Please reply

Steven Kowalski




I am putting bid in tomorrow March 17th on a house for $75,000, it is listed now at $138,000 but not worth that in present condition. I will need min $50,000 for renovations. Looking for at least $150,000 and max $175,000 to cover this deal if accepted. Title will be held in escrow, insurance will have your name as beneficiary. Going to flip for listing of $199,000 starting price. Would like the loan for min 6 month with option to extend. Payments interest only for the 6 months. Can put together a sell sheet if you are interested.



Carole, email me at barbrealtyconsultant@yahoo.com

I'm looking to partner at 50/50 equity split on $3,700,000 investment in Downtown Miami. Over 12,000 sf of buildable office floor in a building undergoing compete renovation. Significant appreciation potential in prestige location. Would you be interested in discussing further?

Dear Barbara,

Do you undertake in the Caribbean?

Hi Ms. Neal.  Please contact me with an email address.

Malcolm, email me at barbrealtyconsultant@yahoo.com

MACG REAL ESTATE GROUP has partnered up with a private lender specializing in small balance loans for investors in 34 states. 


 Please feel free to email me anytime your loan scenarios you may have for a quick rate quote.

 Average closing time is two weeks for both purchases and refinances.  We’ve made it as simple as possible to get your client closed.  We require:

No doc 1003 (all sections EXCEPT V AND VI) and borrower profile (attached)Payment for appraisal  (we bill via PayPal)2 forms of ID and corporate docs (if applicable)Title commitmentHomeowner’s insurance


P.S. I might be able to help you get deals done that are outside the parameters of what we do as well. I have an outstanding sources for all kinds of unusual loans. Call, text or email me with the scenario….. I might be able to get it done!


☆☆☆  Let me tell you WHAT ELSE WE CAN DO!

☆  30 day seasoning on a rehab

☆  You can buy a home, rehab it and come to us after 30 days for a cash out loan—NO ONE else does this

☆  Cash outs while your home is listed

☆  You can have your home listed on MLS and take cash out—NO ONE else does this, FHA requires 90 days of the property not being listed, conventions is 180 days

☆  More deals/year

☆  Accelerating deals

☆  Leveraging your refinance with your next purchase

☆  Use our cash out product to take 50% equity out of a home, list the home and start on your next project---more homes per year then paying cash

If you have a deal scenario you would like our lenders to review email: INFO@MACGREALESTATE.COM

Looking for a Joint Venture partner to help fund a motel in Alabama. Email me at rickyva.rw@gmail.com and I'll give more information.

Can you do international? We are principals.


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