100% JV Financing for Quick Flip SFR Rehabs: No Credit or Down Payment needed


Private Investment Group will partner with you, put up 100% of the money for quick flip (6 months or less) single family deals, from $100 K to $400 K, up to 65% of ARV, and split profits 50-50.

No cash down needed

No earnest money needed

No credit needed

No monthly payments

 YOU bring the good deal – WE buy with CASH- Split resale profits 50-50

Looking for experienced, seasoned flippers who can present a good deal with accurate comps, repair estimates, effective marketing, and, a track record to back it up.

If you are a seasoned pro with solid SFR deals that we can buy and rehab at no more than 65% of ARV, we will partner with you, produce a written binding purchase offer , and close it fast.

If you have a deal ready to go NOW. please email Jason at: localprivatemoney@gmail.com. to receive a free Deal Analysis Worksheet. 

There is no cost or obligation.

We will review and advise within 24 hours.


Jason Hooks


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Please send more information regarding your program.  I am an investor who buys and sells properties in central Florida and would be interested in discussing your program in more detail.


I am a Real Estate Wholesaler. Need only a small amount of money to start a RE Empire. Starting in Columbus OH Expanding to 5 to 10 cities. As many as it takes to cherry pick the best deals from each city, for resale. Need money only for option money deposits (I000 to 5000) and closing cost for simpe deals (assingment of contract) $400.00 each. Can pay a percentage of profit of each deal, paid direct from Closing Attorney. Not a newbie, have done 29 deals in Buffalo, NY.. Title Company Reference available. Probate specialist and have access to massive data base of cash buyers nation wide. Name your terms Sir

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=110862953&trk=nav_respo...

Mike Hepburn


I am looking at a foreclosed property in Vero Beach, FL to purchase, rehab and flip.  Details are:

Offer price:  $85,000

Rehab cost: $15,000

ARV:  $165,000

Quick Sale Price:  $145,000

To make the offer to the bank I would need a Proof of Funds statement.  I would take care of any Earnest Money Deposit required by the bank.


What additional information do you need,  please advise.  Thank you.

Hello Jason, I fit your criteria.  Let's do business...


I've submitted an offer on a property in Vero Beach, FL that might qualify for the Joint Venture.  I've offered asking price of $125,000.  Anticipated rehab costs $25,000.  Estimated ARV $220,000.  List for $205,900; sell for $197,500.  A house recently sold in this development for $195,000 and nothing was done to the house to prep for sale.

What do I need to do next?

Contact me at lschuman@zoominternet.net. Id like to do some deals with you.



I just read your posting.

Do you do any two family opportunities.

Seams in Mass they are the best opportunities.


Hi Jason Please call me.  Malcolm 347 681 3034. I wanna make a 50 50 split proposal.


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