We have a collateral provider who will bring a cash backed Barclays or Scotia Bank SBLC or U.S. Treasury Bond to closing, for project funding to 100% secure your designated Lender's principal and interest.

  • 5M min...$500M max  All 50 states and international projects accepted.
  • Provider will present SBLC or U.S. Treasury Bond to your Lender BEFORE their funds are moved.
  • At closing, Lender keeps SBLC or U.S. Treasury Bond...which covers their principal and interest
  • Closing can occur in as little as 7 business days, end to end  
  • Provider then becomes your Lender, and funds the underlying project
  • Funds will be disbursed at 25% every 90 days, until funding is completed
  • No loan payments for 24 months.
  • Afterwards...4% interest, with negotiable loan terms.
  • Brokers need a fee agreement with their Borrower, to be paid at closing.
Best candidates for this staged funding offering are builders, developers, etc., mining projects...basically any project/seller that does not necessarily need all the funds at one closing, but instead, disbursed over time. Also...this can be a solid funding option for large property refinancing.
1. You must have a bona fide project with a lender attached, ready to fund, subject to lender receipt of an SBLC. Any lender with verifiable funds is eligible, as long as they agree to issue a Letter of Intent stating their willingness to accept a verifiable SBLC or U.S. Treasury Bond at closing for their full principal and interest in exchange for their funds.
2. Your project needs to accommodate staged disbursement of funds after closing, with funds paid out at 25% of total funding, every 90 days. We can accommodate deals in the U.S. and worldwide.
3. After the 24 month grace period, your project must be able to service debt (4% interest), Terms afterwards are negotiable.

1. The lender is paid back in full in one year with the SBLC/US Treasury.
2. The lender gets all of the interest upfront with the SBLC/U.S. Treasury.
3. The lender gets physical possession of the SBLC/U.S. Treasury.
4. The lender does not have to transfer funds prior to consummating the loan.
5. The loan amount remains in the lender's bank until receipt, authentication, and verification of the SBLC/U.S. Treasury.
6. The SBLC/U.S. Treasury eliminates establishing escrow.
7. As loan guarantors, we will issue the SBLC/U.S. Treasury prior to the lender issuing the loan.
Send email to therita@yourhousemymoney.com for further details. 

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I happen to have a lender in place but the lender wants to know is the SBLC leased or owned?? looking forward to your reply soon.

The SBLC is owned. The Lender will be able to verify before funds are released.

So what becomes the procedure to obtain an SBLC that will enable me to obtain funding in the amount of 6.5 million??

Please send email directly to therita@yourhousemymoney.com


     I sent you an email for additional info., check your email and please get back too me as soon as possible, thank you.

Mr. Catchings

I am sorry for the delay, but I did not get that last email. If you could send it to me again. You sent me a sample of a verbiage, but is there another email please send it to me, or whatever it is you are in need of me.

Charles Smith


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