100% Funding for Fast Purchases, Improvements, Rehabs, Expansions, Developments, Renovations, Reposition, etc.

100% Maximum LTV Bridge Loans
No Exit Strategy Required!!
Our ''Bridge Loan To Permanent Financing'' Program Is Funding Fast Commercial Property Purchases!
*** Excellent for Fast Acquisitions, Rehabs, Improvements, Expansions, etc.!! ***
Based on up to 100% of Current Value (for existing property purchases....including land-only acquisitions with plans to build/improve/exit within 60 months)!!
* Up to 60 month Bridge Loan Term for "Stabilization" and "Reposition" Projects (with capable financials)!
*Approvals with Proof of Funds Granted within 5 business days after receipt of check list documents!
*Get Funded In As Little As 10 Business Days With Our "Bridge To Permanent" Option Funds!
Email me @ PrettyGurlsInvestments@gmail.com to discuss your project and Executive Summary

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Your E- mail bounces back not valid address

Do you require up front fees?

What is the funding range?

What states do you fund?

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