Hi I would like to get more info on your program. Please contact my at Legendsss@yahoo.com

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Is your deal still available for funding and if yes this is what i can make happen for you. 
Below you going to find my full contact details to reach me so we can discuss how best to move forward with the processing. Looking forward to hear from you. Email me: Rmf_martin@aol.com

Hi, yes it is still available. Here is the deal. I am looking to purchase a 54 unit duplex community in Athens Ga. the asking price is $4,066,000. I have offered $4,100,000 with the seller holding 20% of the purchase price for 3 years at 3% interest only. I have also have the seller covering the closing cost, appraisal, 1 year of taxes and putting $100,000 aside for reserves. I would prefer to come with a 100% funding so I can get the property for asking or lower. I would like to bring the deal and run the property day to day operations and my partner brings the funding and recieves a check. I am looking for a 50/50 split of the profits. Best way to contact me is by email. Legendsss@yahoo.com. 



Send me information to:;  mogel007@gmail.com



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