100% Financing for commercial projects. Mortgage financing in all fifty states as well

Offering 100% financing on approved commercial projects.

Marie McAllister
ph 561-444-9460
Fx 561-477-7676
-World wide funding starting at  $2,000,000- unlimited.

-Joint Ventures/- Business loans/-Capital Equipment Loans/-Equipment Leasing
-Debt/Equity Financing/-Asset Based Lending (accounts receivable,purchase orders, inventory)
-Fixed base lending( such as plant, property,equipment)/-Working Capital, Refinancing/-Buyout, DIP.

Mortgage financing in all fifty states as well starting at 97% LTV. Scores starting at 580.

100% VA funding.

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Dear Marie


could you please send me more information to lmazibuko@reignersbs.co.za


Kind Regards,

Lebohang Mazibuko

Hello Marie, I need $650.K to purchase and make slight improvements to a retail, office and industrial business center on a very busy thoroughfare in Brunswick, Georgia. This is a cash flowing environment which was passed to a grand daughter in an estate. It is presently making enough money to meet obligations yet, there is still much more to be made once it gets a little face lift ( landscaping) and proper management. I look forward to sharing with you asap.

I desire a short term loan perhaps at interest only for about 36 months and then will refinance the project at a lower rate at that time...

Please share your thoughts.

Gary Cross 912-265-1515 also see my website at www.coastalbusinesscenter.com email at coastalbusinesscenter@gmail.com  

I don't fund that low amount ..sorry.

 Marie, I have a 14 acre beachfront hotel on Jekyll Island with 243 townhouses and condo's that I can buy for $3.5 mil I need another $1.5 for rehab. I have Interval International on board to sell time share plus a major local commercial broker to sell some units as condo's. in addition we will place 100 rooms in hotel operation and operate as an all inclusive hotel such as the Sandals resorts. So all in all we need $5 mill. and can earn about $10,mil in about 3 years from the multiple income streams. 

Would this interest you at all.  I can send a complete description if you'd like! 

Gary Cross 

Send me your project. I may have a lender. Timeshares are not easy to fund, but since it is in the USA I may have a lender.



Send it to



Are you the check writer?

Please send me info on three refi's $88000, $67000, $37000. Sandersrobert803@gmail.com thanks
Do you fund $8540 for a time share at Broadway Plantation at Myrtle Beach? sandersrobert803@gmail.com.
Please send me info on three refi's $88000, $67000, $37000. Sandersrobert803@gmail.com thanks

There are NO 100% finance programs available for commercial....period. Also, it will be advertised as 100%, but there will always be some fee or cost or down payment or % of cash one must come up with for some (most likely) vague reason. And there will be no references given by anyone involved in the scheme.

Dear Marie

I am an Independent Broker/Consultant based in South Africa, I have a client seeking dept funding to acquire existing Hotels in one of our most Tourist attracting Province Durban.

Can you assist with this funding? please email me your requirements to lmazibuko@reignersbs.co.za looking forward to hearing from you.


Lebohang Mazibuko


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