100% Financing for commercial projects. Mortgage financing in all fifty states as well

Offering 100% financing on approved commercial projects.

Marie McAllister
ph 561-444-9460
Fx 561-477-7676
-World wide funding starting at  $2,000,000- unlimited.

-Joint Ventures/- Business loans/-Capital Equipment Loans/-Equipment Leasing
-Debt/Equity Financing/-Asset Based Lending (accounts receivable,purchase orders, inventory)
-Fixed base lending( such as plant, property,equipment)/-Working Capital, Refinancing/-Buyout, DIP.

Mortgage financing in all fifty states as well starting at 97% LTV. Scores starting at 580.

100% VA funding.

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Seeking Funding for Income Producing Residential Duplex in Brunswick, Georgia. Valued at $160,000, Asking Price is $140,000. I need between $75,000 and $100,000 to Purchase. The Seller is willing to carry a Second in the form of Owner Financing for the Balance. Property is being purchased as a Buy-and-Hold income producer, Grossing $21,000/yr Income. Would like Loan to be based on 30yr Amortization with Payments (or Interest Only Payments)for 3-5yrs. Looking to Re-Finance (or Sell) Property in 3-5 years.

Please Advise
Paul M.

Hi Marie: I am interested in buying income producing multifamily homes in southestern region of US, and also turnkey MF properties in bulk in some areas of NY, Fl, NC SC. My interest is to create a huge cash flow portfolio in those states.Please send me more info about your programs as soon as you can. my email is lhruiz63@hotmail.com 

Hi, Can you send me more information about your funding requirements?


Greg Tausch


What kind of projects do you have?

Good morning,

RealEstates-in.com - Global Real Estate Business Line start-up

Following commercial Internet Real Estate Project project looking for fund
- portal is a part of huge Global Real Estate Internet Business Line Project, see below:

I'm looking for funds to develop 3-main portals of this project = .eu, .asia and .com
Needed financing is closing in amount 285000USD.

Project, in broad terms, will going to: cover, complette worlds agents, agencies, brokers, developers, architects, designers "under one roof" and finally dominate Continentally or Globally Real Estate Internet Business Line - and be handled in "one owner's hand".
Don't be suggested by current fronted view of www.realestates-in.com - it may be changed.

I'm considering possibility to sell whole project to responsible and stronger future owner.

If anybody can be interesting to help/participate/buy - please contact me on

With Best Regards
Grzegorz Olszewski

Hi Marie,

I am writing from Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

I am seeking funding of $11m USD for a series of Bed and Breakfast business purchases, plus an executive short stay rental and a 58 unit apartment block, all located in Perth city.

Do you fund to Australia? If so, can you provide details and application information, etc?

My email is: revjoy1@bigpond.com

With best wishes,

Jonathan Joyce.


J and H.K. Joyce Pty Ltd

mob/cell: +61 420 504 484

Skype: Revjoy61


My name is Frank Lawson, I own L&L Enterprises Inc, a real estate investment firm in Maryland.  We have a 382 unit apartment complex located in Tennessee that we need funding for.  The property is being rehabbed and is nearly completed, at present the property is about 55-60% of occupancy and increasing weekly.  We just lost our lender for the project and are in need of a new lender that has the capacity to close quickly with no upfront fees.  We have twice put up money for lending and have lost both the money and the so called funding.  If you require upfront lending we cannot use you because there is none available.  If you can take your fee from the proceeds of the funding then we would like to talk with you.  We are already in escrow and need to close this deal before the 30th.  We have a contract on the property at 4.15m, the appraisal on the property is at 6.5m and estimated to be at 7 to 8m on completion of the rehab and increased occupancy.  The rehab is moving along and will be completed by the end of the year, at present the property is doing better than 45k a month cashflow and we have the full details of what you will need to make a quick decision.  Time is of the essence on this because of the lender disappearing on us. 


If you are able to help with this project please send a email to us and we will respond with a phone call.  The email is l.and.lenterprisesinc@gmail.com  We have other projects waiting to get started once this is closed.  Every property has good equity and cashflow .

Thank you


Sorry Frank. We have to pay for OUR appraisal and they won't do that without upfront fees.

Send me your summary please. Proloans@comcast.net 561 444 9460

Send me an email



I have a commercial project for $3million that includes a cleaners several buildings and a few parcels. I need funding ASAP to close what is your criteria?

I would like to purchase a 3 bed 3 bath 1831 fix & flip need a loan to close the deal if this company can help with this please contact me a.s.a.p. at top_business314@yahoo.com thanks


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