Our loan officer was Justin Tailon who I found on this website. They promise no up front fees, but asked for the first loan payment up front to make sure that we were real people and serious. He SWORE to me that there would be no additional fees prior to the loan being funded.

So we wired the money; got the loan documents today and learned that in order to fund the loan, they wanted another $900. I was very upset and told him we didn't have it. He told me that when he said that there would be no fees, the investor that he thought would fund the loan changed and the new investor required more money and that he was sorry. He also said he would refund the money. I told him how badly we needed the loan and asked him if there wasn't anything he could do. He said he would try. 

After a lot of back and forth, he had me download a program called TeamViewer which allows him to work from my computer screen and lets me see what he is doing. He had me log into my Western Union account and set up a payment for $1440 (who knows where that number came from) from me from a bank account that WAS NOT mine. Then he wanted me to enter my drivers' license number and wait for Western Union to call me and confirm the payment telling them it was for a friend.
I told him no, that it didn't sound right, that it didn't seem legal. He assured me that it was but words like identity theft and fraud were all I could think. After Over 90 minutes back and forth, he grew angry with me and said he wouldn't refund my money. That he changed his mind. I received a number of inquiries for loans from Jerethan...all different people and different phone numbers. I didn't find anything negative online before tonight. I'd seen the posts on the Real Estate Finance page from their "agents" but never saw any negative comments until tonight.
I only want my money back. This is just wrong.

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Comment by Carlos M Rivera Jr on October 4, 2014 at 3:13pm

Really i just got this email from a lender that's he is stating he is from this loan Company and that he would like to help me on my 100% Funding. Here's his Name  "John Lewin". This man send me an application for

Jerethan Funding Who can tell me if this man is for Really I'm sick and tried of Scam's. I just want someone to help a Newbie out not get Scammed. So Any advice would help right now.

Thank You. 


Comment by Stacey Brotherton on October 3, 2014 at 9:21am

Thanks for your comment, Raoul. I did speak with Justin this morning who seemed remorseful and told me that he was going to try to work things out for me today and if he could not, he would refund my money. I'm a big believer in giving more praise than criticism so if it turns out that he can deliver, I will update this post and any other comments I have made. I am the quintessential optimist and I want to believe him because we really need this loan to happen. Up until last night and even this morning, he has been responsive, understanding and seemingly caring. 

I also emailed Brent Ford and two other Jerethan representatives but have not heard anything as of yet. Will keep you posted.

Comment by Raoul Marchando on October 3, 2014 at 7:39am

Thanks for the down low. I contacted another agent of Jerethan Funding Inc who was provided to me by a subscriber who stated that he did receive his loan for $500,000 and it was not through Justin Taillon. Since posting, looking for info about anyone who had received a loan from Justin Taillon, I have had a number of people come out of the woodwork and note that they were ripped off or had been sent a phony check.

I am now in touch with Brent Ford who states that he is filing a complaint on Justin Taillon. Brent Ford can be reach by email only at fordbrent87@gmail.com. This Justin Taillon fits the meaning of Caveat emptor for sure.

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