I'm looking for$150,000 to buy, fix and rent out 4 houses. I have the administrative skills, my husband and sons have the construction skills. What we don't have is cash or credit. Our town has a college and an Air Force base so rentals don't go begging here.

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If you do not have cash, do you have any collateral.  If not can you find someone with good credit that you can partner with to allow you to get the financing. 

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Hello Deborah, I hope that all is well, please email me this document back and I will try to have something back to you next week in the form of a letter of intent or interest.  demetrius@tavaughncapitaladvisors.com

Demetrius Simpson


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Good After Noon Deborah,

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Thank you.

Deborah, did you ever get any help or answers to your question?

It sounds like you are a newbie. Unfortunately and as you may have found out already, without cash, credit and/or experience, it will be very difficult for you to get anyone to even take you seriously. I know its sad but that's how this business is. 

There are a few options but you will need to partner up with an investor who has the credit or the cash to help you out for a split of the profits of course. You can find investors at your local real estate investment groups/clubs or search online at meetup.com for groups. Alternatively, are family and friends who may be able to help.

Other things to take into consideration are how to structure your deals  so, you can maximize your profits, calculate finance costs, estimate repairs, save money, and be able to package your deals so, it will attract  private lenders or investors.

There's a lot that goes into this business, if you are interested I have a free tool that takes most of the grunt work out of structuring your deals, it will help you be more profitable, to manage your projects and attract investors or lenders who will be eager to fund your deals.

Just let me know you are interested by replying and, I can give you more information.


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