JV equity and new construction debt combo funding offer. 10 million min and new construction only and US based deals

   The commercial modular building Permanent Modular Construction is an off-site construction process performed in a controlled setting yielding three dimensional modules transported and assembled at the building site.  

The primary benefits of modular construction include:

Streamlined construction process (in many cases occupancy occurs 50% faster than with conventional construction

Resource efficient - less labor and fewer materials wasted

Reduced environmental impact - less site damage, less material exposure and less waste in landfills


Commercial modular buildings are non-residential structures, 60% to 90% completed "off-site" in a controlled environment, and transported and assembled at the final building site.  This can comprise the entire building or be components or subassemblies of larger structures.   

Stages of Modular Construction

Design approval by the end user and any regulating authorities

Assembly of module components in a controlled environment

Transportation of modules to a final destination

Erection of modular units to form a finished building

Modular manufacturers produce their buildings in independent, single-location facilities.  Responding to dealer requests, they generally operate as wholesale suppliers of modular units.  Construction occurs indoors away from harsh weather conditions preventing damage to building materials and allowing builders to work in comfortable conditions.

The Process

Unique to modular construction, while modules are being assembled in a factory, site work is occurring at the same time.  This permits earlier building occupancy and contributes to a much shorter overall construction period, reducing both financing and supervision costs.  Saving even more time and money, nearly all design and engineering disciplines are part of the manufacturing process.

Also unique to modular is the ability to simultaneously construct a building's floors, walls, ceilings, rafters, and roofs.  During site-built construction, walls cannot be set until floors are in position, and ceilings and rafters cannot be added until walls are erected.  On the other hand, with modern methods of construction, walls, floors, ceilings, and rafters are all built at the same time, and then brought together in the same factory to form a building.  This process often allows modular construction times of half that of conventional, stick-built construction.

Meeting High Standards

Combining traditional building techniques, quality manufacturing and third-party agencies who offer random inspections, testing, and certification services for quality control, permanent buildings are built in strict accordance with appropriate local, state, and national regulations and codes.  Some would even say that due to the extra durability needed for travel and to be craned into place, factory-built buildings are built better than conventional structures.


The Offer


  For real estate developers building multifamily, we have a new program in place with several national Modular providers that can build your project in half the time of a stick build, and also provide 90% of the Equity needed to complete the project.  Please let us know if you would like to learn more about this program.



Contact: Grant Smereczynsky @ PHA LLC -770-888-2761 or 770-231-4462 bsnbuilder@bsnmail.com

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