I am looking for a loan for an investment I am doing, the amount I need is $5 million and I would need the length of the loan to be for 10 years.

I would also need three months before I make my first payment, it takes time to set up the investment so that it starts paying me money.

Note the money would not be used for real estate.

Please let me know what your terms would be along with what documents you would need from me and what the cost would be (i.e. principal, interest etc).

I would also need all the costs of the loan to go through an Escrow account. Please let me know if you or company can do this for me.

Whoever can do this for me I will pay them $5000 to them. 

Please let me know if you can do this, you can contact me through email or call my office.If somebody doesn't pick up leave a message I get over 70 calls or more every day. no text please

Please send over the following information, your company full name, address including what state you are in here, in the USA, phone number including area code, and email address.

Thank you 

Jeffery  310-707-3509  jnpinvestments@earthlink.net

I am a real estate investor in California

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Hi Jeffery :

Could you send us an executive summary we 'll read it to see what you are trying to do.  If it sounds ok, and something that can be done then ok.


David Lee

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