We have several new acquisition and rehab loan programs available for both the experienced and newbie investor. In addition, many aggressive changes to existing programs which include lower credit score requirements to 600, higher ARV's up to 75%, and lower net worth and experience requirements to be approved for line of credit.

1. Acquisition and rehab line of credit:

  • Line of Credit of up to 7,500,000
  • LOC is determined by 5X your liquidity and 65% of retirement value(401K, IRA, ETC.)
  • Loan amount is the lesser of 85% of project costs or 75% of ARV(680 credit score, net worth $250,000, 4 successful real estate transactions, loan amount is at least $120,000)
  • Loan amount is the lesser of 85% of project costs or 70% of ARV for stronger borrowers with less than 4 real estate transactions completed. Minimum loan at least $120,000.
  • Minimum loan amount $45,000
  • Minimum net worth $125,000
  • Minimum credit score 600 - Lend 75% of total cost if score is below 620
  • Minimum experience is 1 year with 1 property renovated

2. High Credit Specialty Loans(HCL): Great product for exceptional credit worthy borrowers; High loan to cost

  • Line of credit required
  • 680 credit score
  • Minimum loan size $100,000 or $80,000 with extra 5% down
  • Minimum liquidity of $50,000 or $250,000 net worth
  • Loan not to exceed 90% of total project costs up to 70% arv if one of the following 5 parameters are met and 75% of the arv is acceptable is 2 of such parameters are met:
  1. Credit score is at least 720
  2. Borrower can verify experience acquiring and completing at least 4 properties for resale or rental
  3. Loan is at least $150,000
  4. Borrower prepays at least 4 months interest; or
  5. Borrower contributes an additional 2.5% of total costs
  • No BKs or foreclosure is last 3 years
  • No 30 day lates in past 12 months

3. Fast Track Loan(FTL): This is for the NEWBIE investor

  • No experience required
  • Minimum credit score 600
  • No BKs or foreclosures in past 2 years
  • Will lend up to 70% of total project costs, and loan will not exceed 65% of the after repair value
  • Minimum loan amount $70,000
  • 35% liquidity to be seasoned for 60 days. For example, loan amount is $100,000 X 35%(liquidity required) = $35,000 seasoned for 60 days. This can come from cash on hand or retirement accounts - 401K, IRA, Stocks, Etc. Minimum contribution $25,000.
  • No personal financial statements, tax returns or net worth required

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