Lines of credit-Looking for a line of credit based on real estate

Anyone doing a line of credit for real estate worth $1,500,000?  Looking for 80% LTV if possible.

Properties are all free and clear except for one.  All properties are located in Minnesota.

Client have 700+ plus.  Have a foreclosure in 2014.  It has been 2 yrs.

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Are the foreclosures discharged ? i dont know of anyone doing " Lines of Credit " but if is commercial and not raw land i will do 65%  and could do higher depending on property types. 

PM me or call me at 561.318.3104  Jerry Starr

Insource Funding.

July 2 2014 was the sheriff sale.  And so it has been 2 yrs.  These are residential homes.  Not raw loan or commercial  Client wants line of credit for fix and flip.

ok, well Fix N Flip is easy, again call me with some details and ill give you a better idea of what i can do , 

Jerry Starr   561-318-3104

No hard money.  or mortgage .  client wants lines of credit only.

I can tell you right now that neither myself or any other lender is going to provide a line of credit against the properties - they're going to require a lien which requires a mortgage or a promissory note which requires a closing agent especially somebody with a recent foreclosure I'm a pretty lenient lender and I've been doing this about 10 years and I can tell you right now that scenario is not going to happen


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