I offer financing for bona fide commercial real estate across the United States and Canada, including but not limited to multifamily, retail, office, industrial, self storage, hotel/hospitality properties, etc.  

Financial services include, but are not limited to:

- Acquisitions

- Refinances 

- Hard Money 

- Bridge Loans 

- Construction loans

- Asset Based Loans 

- Note Financing

- Triple Net Leases

- Conventional Debt 


- Equity 

- Joint Venture Capital 

- Joint Venture Equity 

- Mezzanine Financing / Preferred

All deals must be properly vetted, validated and fully packaged in advance. If approved, clients must be committed to close as I move quickly.

Minimum loan amount is $3M. I will consider lower loan amounts on a case by case basis. 65% - 80% LTV/LTC. Higher or lower LTV/LTC on a case by case basis. Borrower's equity/liquidity contribution can be a combination of (new cash, but can also include current project equity, a 2nd mortgage held by the seller and/or cross-collateralization of other owned commercial real estate). Prefer new cash.

For construction loans, borrower needs to contribute 25-35% fresh equity/liquidity. The more the better.

I also have buyers for NPN's, commercial, multifamily, etc. They prefer to be direct to the seller based on their preference to close quickly.

My funders and I are also focused on establishing long term relationships based on our financial strength and capabilities to fund multiple deals. Serious inquiries only please. I look forward to working with you. Thank you. 

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High profile car wash - gas and c-store in Bridgewater NJ. currently paying $350,000 annually servicing $4M in debt, in need of $3M-$4M, up to $1M secured debt can be subordinated, if this is any interest to you, property has MAI appraised "AS IS" value of $4.050M.

Prefer an equity investor of $1.6-$1.8M that would lower secured debt to arrange local bank financing of up to $3M @ 5-5.5%. $3 million would be used to pay off all debt secured and unsecured, lower annual debt servicing to under $200,000 annually, and funds to build pre approved 4 bay lube center. that would increase net profits by $250-$300,000. with existing facility Lube would start generating much fast then a stand alone facility gas sale of over 150,000/mo car  washes 5,000 cars per mo, and c-store traffic would all aid in the expedited growth of Lube center.

Thank You

Kevin 732-310-1360


please contact me 732-310-1360

or 555carwash@gmail.com

Kevin McFarland

I have a project in NYC that needs funding. if you could help email me rzakai1@gmail.com

will send info on project.




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