100% CLTV


'No Money Down', is the holy grail of real estate investing, but how do you attain this? Our special program can help obtain this for you.


First, we need to understand what CLTV is: it stands for combined loan to value. This is different than LTV or loan to value. 100% CLTV means that all loans combined equal out to 100% of the purchase price. The majority of lenders will only lend a certain % of your purchase price and you are required to provide the balance in a cash down payment, or 'skin in the game'. This is why our program is so special as our lenders do not require the cash down payment.


The way our program works is simply this: we fund 55% of a purchase price and we allow the seller to hold a second mortgage of 45%, therefore the combined loans equal 100% of your purchase price, ie NO MONEY DOWN!! It is also important to understand that you will have loan closing costs, and these can be paid out of pocket or you can request the seller pay your costs.


Our program is not credit driven but a credit report will be obtained, and we will need to have an appraisal completed which you will be required to pay for. The most important criteria the lender will look closely at is that the property must meet the debt service of all loans.


We offer a program that is very unique and is offered by very few lenders. For further information or to inquire about any of our other programs please contact me below:


Peter Abraham





813 400-3537 o

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