Jumbo Commercial / Project Funding NOW Available!


A Two Step Seamless Process

We arrange for collateral (Financial Guarantee Bond-Bank Rated, SBLC, BG, etc.) to be issued in favor of the client for the entire amount of the funds requested. (This is the Collateral Provider).

We arrange a Loan using the Collateral as complete security for the loan.

Both steps take place simultaneously


If you have a project that makes financial sense and have approximately 3% of the project cost in cash to work with the odds of getting the funds you need are 99% in your favor!

Our Collateral Provider for the Financial Guarantee Bonds has been in business over 40 years and has documented net asset value of not less than $182 Billion US Dollars.

Our SBLC and BG Providers are Top World Banks.

Our Lenders have been providing commercial loans using bonds and other financial instruments as collateral since the early 1990’s and have funded billions in commercial loans.


Petroleum Refinery, Energy Services, Energy Shipping, Energy Trading, Crude Oil Processing, Oil & Gas Exploration, Construction, Distribution, Electronic Components, Financial Services, Medical Devices, Medical/Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate-Related Services, Ship & Airline Manufacturing, Leasing, Chemical Companies, Waste Management…


Minimum $10M USD - No Maximum.
If Loan request is over $400M USD we will use a SBLC or BG as the collateral and we will quote cost at the time of submission.

Loans down to $5M USD are considered on a case by case basis.

Submit the following:
**Executive Summary
**Proof of Funds - 3% of requested loan amount - cash funds dated within 7 days
**Description of Project
**Use of Funds Explanation
**Total Required Funding Amount
**Client Information Sheet
**Certificate of Incorporation/Articles of Organization and Corporate Resolution
**Two forms of ID…
Color copy of Drivers License or Passport for each signatory
2. Document to confirm address… (Bank stmt, insurance card, bill, etc)

All above information is required for compliance with International Money Laundering Regulations and the US Patriot Act. All information is held in strictest confidence.

Upon Lender preapproval of all the required above items a NCND/Fee Agreement is issued.

Client signs and returns the NCND/Fee Agreement

Collateral and Loan Applications are issued to client. (KYC and CIS). Client completes and returns.

If the loan is approved, we then begin the process for collateral to be issued on behalf of your project.

Collateral Term Sheet/Proposal and Lender Commitment are issued.

Client reviews both, executes and returns.

Client follows Lender commitment fee and Collateral Providers bond fee and deposit procedures.

Collateral process is completed. The collateral is delivered to the Lender.
The Loan funds 3 to 5 days after Lender receives the “Live” instrument.
This is a completely transparent transaction. Client will work directly with the Collateral Provider and the Lender after file is opened with each.


The Financial Guarantee Bond instrument has a current (fluctuates) annual carry rate of 3.95%.

SBLC/BG instruments have a typical annual carry rate of 12% to 14%
The Loan has an annual carry cost of 5%.
(Current rates and subject to change)

The exact rates will be provided in the Term Sheet that is issued for the collateral and the loan.

The Financial Guarantee Bond/SBLC/BG is issued on an annual basis and can be rolled over for 5 to 10 consecutive years. Each year it’s rolled over the annual carry cost will apply for that year and is paid at the beginning of the rollover year. There are no additional rollover fees.

The Loan is issued on an annual basis and can be rolled over for 5 consecutive years. Each year it’s rolled over the annual carry cost will apply for that year and is paid at the beginning of the rollover year. There are no additional rollover fees. If more than 5 years are required the Lender can accommodate you.


There is a one-time 5 point lender fee which is taken out of the loan proceeds.

There is a one-time 5 point Intermediary fee which is taken out of the loan proceeds.

When a client is requesting funding they can include the annual collateral carry costs, loan annual interest cost and all point fees. We can assist the client in determining what loan amount to request if they want to roll all the costs into the loan. We will need to know how many years the funds will be necessary.

When comparing costs of debt financing (20% to 30% down required) and JV financing (giving up 50% of project) this funding solution is far superior and allows a client to complete their project on their time frame without lender or partner oversight, build in all carry costs for the entire project time frame and with minimal upfront cash requirements.

The process can be very quick from the time all the applications are returned. The quicker all required information is submitted the quicker funding occurs.

It takes up to 28 days to have the Financial Guarantee Bond issued.
It takes up to 10 days to have the SBLC/BG issued.
It takes 3 to 5 days for the loan to fund from the time the Lender receives the collateral


The collateral and loan concept has been in practice for decades because it works. We have forged strong relationships with TOP collateral providers and lenders throughout the world. If you are committed to funding your commercial venture and have approximately 3% of your total funding needs to employ you need not look further.

We take great trouble to ensure that all information provided is accurate and completely up to date. However, it is the nature of our service that we deal with a portfolio of funders who move in and out of the market as their finances and other commitments dictate. Accordingly, all facilities are offered subject to availability and all terms and conditions are liable to change without notice. All errors and omissions are excepted.

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