I have been working on some projects and I feel that you would like to get in on some of this action.  The Land Banking idea is a low risk, and high reward concept that helps builders get into their real estate investments faster with little or no money to close.  All they have to worry about is getting the project finished.  Easy concept right?.  I have builders that I'm working with that I could plug into their deals.  The land range from $100k-1MM.  They are building town homes in the Houston Heights, down town and museum district areas. The 2-4 town homes or smaller model, get sold usually in 2-3 month and get completed by the fourth.  Thus, you the investor get their cash in back along with monthly interest. Below is an example.

This is a land purchase deal for $700k.  The Builder is looking for someone (like us) to buy the land for $700k, with the intentions of paying interest each month until the project is sold.  By doing this, the builder can go to a bank or to a lender and subordinate the land, and reduce the amount of cash to the table.  Thus, use their funds to get the project construction started ASAP.

In this version, The Lot is located on Wichita St in the Museum Park area in Houston, Zip Code 77004.

There are a total of 8 townhouses, each will cost ~$202,000 to build, and each will sell for $525,000.  Bringing the grand total to $4,200,000.  After all hard cost are paid, this will net the investor ~$700,000 in the end along with the interest payments over a year  Let me know if this is something you would be interested in getting involved in.
We have openings for passive investors at a minimum cash injection. The land acquistions vary and we're keeping it to a minimum of $250K or less for initial start up.
Any interested parties should contact us direct.


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