SWMI Capital can be your next stop for commercial bridge loan with many options to offer.  Contact us today for what we can offer.


Property Types/Sectors: Mixed-Use, Multifamily, Retail, Warehouse, Light Industrial, Assisted Living,  High-rise, Office, Mobile Homes and more.


Funding Amount: $1,000,000-$50,000,000 (Other amounts can be considered on case by case scenario.)


FICO:  No minimum amount


Area of Interest:  North America. Some stable international markets.


Terms: 1-3 years


LTV: 65%-100%. 


Interest:  Starts at 7%.


Fees: Start at 2% but this also varies by transaction.



Paul Diaz

SWMI Capital

Cell: 269-366-7914

Email: pdiaz@swmicapital.com



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