I am seeking funding to open Assisted Living Homes in the San Antonio area.

The amount will vary depending on the price of the home and amount of renovations necessary etc. I want to know who can help me with this endeavor.

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Hi John, I may be able to assist you if you still need it, my contact information is below.  -Nichole

Nichole Cardillo
Commercial Finance Adviser
11 AM - 9 PM EST

Hi Charles

We have some great programs for Assisted Living.

If the situation is right the LTVs are very high. We'll of course need more info.



Hello Charles

The Financial Mall, LLC, is your single platform of diverse lenders and investors.  We have several programs for your type of funding request, with unlimited funding capacities.  Send us a copy of your Executive Summary and Use of Funds Schedule, and we will send you terms and conditions within days.  Send to:  info@thefinancialmall.biz

To learn more about us visit our website:  www.thefinancialmall.biz 


I have a direct lender with a great program for Assist Living, if you still looking contact me at amckapropertyinvestments@gmail.com

I know you have several replies already but let me know if you still need a loan by email or a reply.

Hi Charles

The Financial Mall, LLC is your single platform of diverse lenders and investors, we have several lending programs for Assisted Living Homes.  Please send your Business Plan and Use of Funds Schedules to info@thefinancialmall.biz.

Hi Charles

If you have not secured financing for the Asst Living Home, please reach out to us.

James Crigler

Advance Commercial Finance




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