80% LTV, Hard Money Loans for Multi-Family Available (30-45 day closing) email barbrealtyconsultant@yahoo.com

Documents required to consider your project are: Loan Profile, Personal Financial Statement, Schedule of Real Estate Owned and Executive Summary (1-3 pages long only)

Commercial Bridge/Hard Money: Commercial Land Development: Entitlements, capital infusion, geographical regions, and market conditions are all considered in the approval process.  With these issues satisfied, transactions can close quickly. Loans are interest only, most non-recourse, no pre-payment penalty and up to 5 year terms.

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What States in the Country do you do hard money / bridge loans? Could you please advise if TX, IL, FL, OH and PA are in your list?

Thank you,

Arthur LaGuette

arilage@hotmail.com  and  Arthur@stallionfunding.com

OFF: 512-716-1170  and  Mobile: 512-939-6793


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