They sell " " Buy Aged Corp Ready for Immediate Funding" Too Good to Be True?What do You Think?

Hello my friends...Do you know of anyone or do you have clients needing to start Corporation & Credit...And want to do it's the deal...
Please read the 1st attachment .....(then this will make sense to you why there are so many horror stories of people who was sold a dream..( I hear them everyday..til I'm blue in the face)..
the rest of the attachments explains about the program.This will ensure you or your clients success in getting the realistic kind of business credit or funding you or they need...within 3-6 months.. and getting them educated in the process...This DOES require you or your client to be "PROACTIVE" some on your part...Depending on how much funding you are trying to get, this program. The Investment for this program will cost any where from $795(Guarantee of $50K in Corp Credit) or $1995(Guarantee of $150,000 in Corp Credit)..and not thousands of what people have been ripped off for....But believe or them won't be sorry..Plus it's a money back Guarantee....This company has been in business for 10 years and is a member of the Better Business Bureau... We love referrals..and For everyone you refer I will pay you $100 each..that's splitting my commission 50/50..most people are bringing me in 5-7 deals a day...Some of you may say..$100..that's ain't nothin!...but if you know anything about marketing it's about the volume..unless you waiting & waiting on that BIG DEAL to HIT.... After you have read this and the documents attached..
please contact me...if you would like or you have someone who is ready to move forward....Thank You...God Bless


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Hello Jharmaine,

I'm interested in your programe, please send me more info on signing up with you.

Ken Rogers


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