Is there a private money or hard money lender out there who can finance this deal? Self employed Buyer. Property is Under Contract for $90K with 10% down payment. ARV around $199K Renovation repairs $29K Due diligence extended until 1/17/2019.

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Send me details to with your phone number.  Also would need your credit score.

Hello Jacqueline Martin,

I'm a commercial mortgage broker with no upfront fee. I can provide a 90% LTC - minimum FICO 600. Call me (800) 230-1424 to discuss further. Can close within 10 days of receiving all docs.

Doug Braxton
Commercial Mortgage Broker
Braxton and Company, LLC
P: (800) 230-1424 |

I have a few questions. On your website, it shows your minimum loan amount is $150K. What documents are required? What percentage of the repair costs do you cover? What's the estimated monthly payment on this deal? Is this a 12 month term? Interest rate? Any other required guidelines that I need to know? 

Hello Jacqueline,

Give me a call (800) 230-1424 or send me an E-mail with your contact info and a convenient time to talk. I can take you thru the whole process including answering any questions within 10-15 minutes.

Doug Braxton
Commercial Mortgage Broker
Braxton and Company, LLC
P: (800) 230-1424 |


Can provide you with:

Fix and Flip - 100% Financing Like Never Before - NO JV SHARE

This program can be applied towards;

- SFR - Single Family Residences

- Duplexes

- Triplexes

- 4-Plexes

- Multi Family and more!

Whether you’re an experienced investor that’s in a cash crunch or a newer investor that needs some help building your cash reserves, our 100% program is for you! NO PAYMENTS FOR THE ENTIRE LOAN!

This program includes the following;

100% of Purchase

100% of Rehab

8-10% Interest (can be rolled into the loan)

3-5 Points (can be rolled into the loan)

6-month term > can add months if needed* Please ask for details

Up to 75% ARV

Min Loan $75,000 - No Max

Closing Costs can be rolled into the loan

Min Credit Score: 580

Previous experience preferred but NOT required

The only money out of pocket will be for the appraisal, any attorney fee, due diligence, etc. (soft costs) Once the

term sheet is issued > will range from $800 - $1200 depending on your location and complexity of the loan.


Call Us Today and Let’s Get Your Project Funded! 510.575.1709

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