This program is good for real estate investors, business owners and start-ups.

Our primary line of business is the ULOC program (unsecured lines of credit):
I work as a consultant to qualified clients, to provide ULOC's through banks.  We work with a proprietary pre-approval calculator, with algorithms based off banking qualifications, for predetermined approval amounts. The pre-approval calculator analyses customer's three bureau credit reports, which we “soft pull”.
If you say yes to the following three requirements, you are a great candidate for lines of credit.
Your FICO score is 650 or higher
No late payments in the past year
reporting on your credit report.
Good credit history with at least one line of credit.
ü  $10k to $150k in business or personal lines of credit
ü  Fico 650 or higher
ü  Receive funding in 7-14 days
ü  Instant pre-approval (on website)
ü  0% interest for up to 24 months
ü  Stated income
ü  Start-ups OK!
Our secondary line of business is where we provide small businesses with working capital.  We work directly with a private direct lender; they have their own underwriting guidelines by which they make funding decisions in a matter of days (funding in as little as 24 hours after approval). Where a bank may deny a strong business based on the owner’s personal credit score, we look at the overall health of the business to provide financing to business owners with less than perfect credit.
ü  $5,000 minimum
ü  $2,000,000 maximum
ü  $150,000 average loan size
ü  6-month minimum term
ü  36-month maximum term
ü  No minimum credit score
ü  Daily or weekly payments (ACH payments - not MCA). Loans are paid back through fixed and affordable payments linked to the business’ bank account.
ü  6-months minimum business history
ü  Sorry no start-ups
We work in all states and Canada.
To move forward please complete the attached application and go to obtain your credit report. Join and send us a hard copy of your credit report along with your User name, password, and last 4 digits of your Social Security#. Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to call.


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