Bring your commercial deals, 3% down payment 3% interest 10yrs forgiven in 5 if payments are made on time contact me or message me let's talk about your project!

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Hello Armando,

Is this still available? If so, I'm interested:

Hello Anke, 

I found your profile and wanted to reach out to discuss potentially working together. Steven, Nancy Ann Finance Business is a United States based financial that represents direct private lenders and investors national / international; we now offers new opportunities to invest or fund lucrative deals.

If you’re in the market for a loan (All Types), buy and hold real estate properties, we encourage you to email us today to learn more about our funding program.

We also accept inquiries and good projects from referrals and associate brokers who are duly protected with reward of commission fee in return on every closing.




Phone: +1(814) 876-5696




Nick Defterios

For Loan processing and investment management

Steven, Nancy Ann Finance Organization

Good day, Mr. Nieves,

Please send me the details on how to proceed. Respectfully, Bradley N. Meyer

Haha that's funny you are saying 10 years of payments forgiven in 5 if payments are made on time? C'mon how do you benefit from false advertising?


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