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Plan for your business success!

I am in contact with funding sources and those who have influence on weather a deal gets the required operating capital it needs. One thing I continue to hear over and over is that many people have a great business concept but No Business Plan ! 

It is essential that you have a plan that will accomplish two major points in for business. First just what it is that you do and how you do it in a basic, yet comprehensive manner so that…


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Who do you work for?

Some consultants claim to be all about providing you the best services there are. Some are rude and short, others can be long winded and pointless! My question is who do you really work for, your client or yourself? 

Let's be honest.... Don't we really work for whomever is home when we awake in the AM? Even if it is just you, then that's alright as well. But when we come in contact with a potential client why do the dance about I'm the best and here for you until you discover they do…


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