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How To Significantly Increase The Value of Your Rental Property

One of the best ways to insure the value of your rental property and increase your cash flow is to maintain and manage it well. As a landlord you should be vigilant that your property does not depreciate because of your inattentiveness. Markets may fluctuate, and while this is something you don’t have particular control over, you can ensure that your property does not…


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Investment Property/Non-Owner-Occupied Loans

Looking for ways to protect their financial security, many homeowners are investing their money in second homes, or are refinancing existing loans on rental property to upgrade them.   Whether they are looking for another source of income, or they need to improve their existing rental property, they recognize that real estate has proven to be a profitable and long-term…


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Guardians Of Hard Money Loans

After 30 years of financing multitudes of Hard Money loans, it has become apparent that we are the true guardians of FAST Hard Money!

We have funded many loans in less than one week; We can finance a property that doesn’t qualify for conventional financing; Lend to those who have difficulty proving income, as well as those borrowers with poor credit who have been…


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Conventional Vs Hard Money Loans

Let’s look at the difference between traditional or conventional Lenders, such as Banks and other in-house lending institutions and a Hard Money Lender:

Interest Rates – Conventional interest rates are generally lower than hard money rates, but if a hard money loan makes the difference between no loan and paying a little more until you…


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Help Your Client Take the First Step Toward Homeownership

As Lenders or Brokers you often come across a client who is on the brink of qualifying for a conventional loan, but can’t quite make the grade.  That’s the time for a call to Sun Pacific Mortgage, the premier Hard Money Lender in California, offering such loans since 1988!

If we can get your client into a home with one of our programs, when they are ready to pay…


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Hard Money’s Very Own Super Hero!

We stand ready, stronger than ever, to help get your loan approved fast!  Having a 2018 World Classic Cruiser Weight Champion on our family Hard Money team, just adds that special superpower to our alternative financing programs.

Read below to see various loans funded by our office.  And then email us back or Call Today 707-523-2099 to find out how we can help be…


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Get A Loan FAST Using Hard Money!

Jumbo Loan Funded In A Flash!

A property owner in Napa needed some fast capital for his business as well as wanted to do some needed upgrades to his rental.  Unfortunately, he was having difficulty qualifying for a conventional loan due to being self employed with difficult to prove income – and he couldn’t wait the 6…


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