Earn Monthly Residual Income - Let us do the work for you!

Now is the time to start thinking about the future of lending. With interest rates at an all-time low, applications going through the roof, it is easy to push away the clients who cannot get into a home due to credit. With every lending cycle, it all comes to an end.  Now is the time to begin building up a secondary pipeline of clients that you can always pull from to get funding for.  When the market changes, rates go up, the people with great credit drop out and having a back up pipeline of people improving their credit makes a difference in your closings each month.

Implementing a credit repair strategy into your business can help make your marketing dollars go further, help develop loyal clients who will continue to send friends and family and allow you to increase your funding each month without spending any additional money.  In fact, you can earn a little extra.  Sign up for your free affiliate account using the following link:   https://thecreditlink.net/montyyeager 

Scroll down on the page and click the “Partner Signup” tab to get started

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