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Do you have hard money funding to offer? Do you have an investment property that requires the flexible, quick financing we all know as hard money?

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Rodeo Capital, Inc. Closes a $10,500,000 Refinance of a 3 Unit Retail Property in Venice California

Started by Marc Rabkin yesterday. 0 Replies

DEAL HIGHLIGHTS: 54% Loan to Value 10 Day Close Subject property is a 4,649 SF 3 unit retail property on 1 of the Coolest blocks in America; Abbot Kinney. Abbot Kinney, one of the most desirable…Continue

Turned Down Elsewhere on St. Patrick’s Day?

Started by Forest Tardibuono on Monday. 0 Replies

  Turned Down Elsewhere on St.…Continue

Unsecured and secured buisness loans up to 5,000,000

Started by Richard Milford on Sunday. 0 Replies

Commercial Business Financing and Commercial real estate mortgage financing  NATIONWIDE Commercial Financing and Business Loans  Commercial Mortgages  Construction LoansWorking Capital Loans and…Continue

Tags: financing, commercial

Are You Ready For Spring?

Started by Forest Tardibuono Mar 15. 0 Replies

Historically, the top…Continue

Tags: poor, Broker, credit, fast, buyers

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Comment by Sharon Askew Whitten on February 12, 2018 at 12:57pm

Get A Personal Loan Or An Unsecured Personal Line Of Credit In 2 Weeks.

There Are No Up Front Fees.

The Minimum FICO Requirement Is 680.

Click On My Website Link For Information And To Apply.

Comment by Richard Milford on February 11, 2018 at 3:38pm

Construction and development loans 1,000,000 to 15,000,000  nationwide 

All types of projects considered including special purpose properties and mixed use projects.

Construction loans for residential and commercial projects.

Please email loan request to and our website is and our telephone is 541-632-3560

Comment by Sharon Askew Whitten on February 4, 2018 at 7:30am

Become A Business Capital Agent Today.

Earn Excellent Commissions.

Click On My Website Link For Information And To Start.

Comment by Sharon Askew Whitten on January 29, 2018 at 4:00pm

We Fund Hard Money Loans,Fix & Flip Loans And Rehab Loans Up To $10,000,000 In 7 Days.

There Are No Up Front Fees.

All Credit Types Are Accepted.

Principals,Click On My Website Link For Information And To Apply.

Comment by Eric Lerman on January 29, 2018 at 2:17pm


TGA has a special investor group set aside for distress, turned down requests, overdue payoffs, and especially stalled construction projects. Rates vary by region, project/principle qualification, and funding category. JVs are available, and please know JVs are a more intense underwriting, as investors do then share a liability.

Lenders! We want lenders! Company and sovereign expansions from $50M USD and up are another grouping that TGA has created to focus on the investors' most favorable types of projects. Please call directly if you wish to know more about this. It will be appreciated if you are hunting or holding projects related. As one of my older investors tells me very often with that seasoned, wise and easy smile... that time and relationships truly are our greatest assets. I know, easy for me to say. Then again, I have always been this way. That I have a gift with numbers and investor relations, is only secondary. You know this, beyond all our ads, about our quest for more business; truth is like an instinct, ancient and deep, we hunt our best projects, or these hunt for us... humanity and survival. There is always enough to go around. Thus we have assets sitting, and investors testing wines so rare, these only are available where they are grown.  

Our other focus, in finance is for stalled construction projects and long term use and smart development of land and improved parcels, valued $6M USD and above, some for loans, some for JVs. We take these case by case.

Hard money domestic, I have closed as high as 16/10, 5 yrs I/O with no Prepay... and on the low scale, 8% at best, and well qualified with updated documentation and status. These will be verified in diligence, as will now all stated cash equities.  Honesty, the best policy, the only way to be, a value I find priceless!

On certain types of larger projects, usually multi-national, sovereign or with high net worth Groups, Clubs and entities, we do have a division that will work on creating immediate revenue operations, as well as working with a comprehensive planning to expand or expose markets, both regional and cultural; as well as events and materials for promotions. This is on the high end. Please start out by sending inquiries or requests using our Pre-App, attached. E-mail to , or to . Or call, 01-831-471-8444. We do get bottlenecked, so please leave a message, that we may respond.

Limits are made to expand. The results will most often echo the planning, the passion and the thick skin of the very driven. I have enjoyed this truth, first hand.

Thank you.

Eric Lerman


Comment by Richard Milford on January 28, 2018 at 4:22pm

Bridge renovation and cash out refinancing for residential and commercial properties up to 10,000,000 nationwide 

Loan program can be 1 to 2 year bridge loan or for properties that are stabilized terms up to 10 years with 25 year amortization schedule can be offered.

Most property types can be considered including special and mixed use properties. Hotels, motels, apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, industrial complexes and business owner occupied properties are just examples of the property types that can be eligible for this financing program.

Please email loan request summary along with detailed information about the property including financials and pictures to  Our website is and the telephone number is 541-632-3560

Comment by Eric Lerman on January 25, 2018 at 9:31pm

Oh yes, I do want to fit in and contribute, thus I insert the most basic description of our 3 investor groups, divided by stated and negotiated parameters. I must bid you adieu, as I have a big cat on the loose. This place can be a jungle!

Anyhow, amusing the moment, lest I forget, please feel free to contact us for any project funding or other services we offer. We have just capitalized a division to help create immediate revenue streams, while promoting any given region. Yet everything most often revolves around funding. Revenue streams help qualify, as we often make our own way through new territory. I hear a purring sound. I guess I'd better go. I do hope this helps...

Comment by Eric Lerman on January 25, 2018 at 9:23pm

I wanted to join a discussion, and I find the mass of materials are advertising. So be it! I have a wealth of experience with various types of hard money funding, both distress and bridge loans... regional, nationwide and global. I was able, for my family's companies and my own, to reduce the default rate from 22% down to 9% with deferred payments, added to principle, covered by equity appreciation of their real estate. The Contra Costa Times dubbed me "the humanitarian trustee." I guess they missed the more rugged tasks. I write about this here, as I advertise with my companies' flyers and ads, and enjoy my research and case studies. These allow me to find new methods and solutions. My private investors adore a high return, yet abhor a default. Comes with the territory. One borrower losing a property, had taken EVERYTHING away, save the foundations and frames of a 7 free-standing-unit wrap. Insurance and "Selection Of Remedies" allow us to surpass the corporate firewalls and balance that default using any other asset that was valued and marketable. Ahh, investors calling all hours with worries, and I must appreciate and respond. Such can be hard money.

Another recorded a Deed in  Lieu of Foreclosure, yet the tax implications were then and still are, unfavorable to the private investor. I wrote a binding legal instrument that is now a changed law, resulting in keeping those investors active in Trust Deeds, and thus a fast way to fund against a borrower's properties. I can advertise many services and transactions. I know many send weekly e-mails about closings, even with 3rd party sources. I give a gander and am glad there is enough to go around.

I have only used my contracted investors and TGA Asset-Base these last few years.  Yet recently and with the effort of some travels, expenditures and contracts in hand, with set parameters to use or expand, - I have met unique types of investors, who do the under served regions as well as the more sure markets. The marketing time is part of the risk in the rate and term decision. We weigh risk versus return and how sure the pay ability, which may be less than vital, as to sell the security, real estate mostly, will become a greater profit. That is for some, their way to gather parcels at discount or high rate returns, well secured by appreciating hard assets. In other instances, I have advised my investors that if they buy the note  (discounted of course), then I would be able to control the public sale with a 3 step bid and the tax implications fall upon the borrower in default. I have created recordable documents to assist both borrowers in distress and investors also in distress. The point is that I enjoy the intensity, the solution and at best... the mutual effect, that may benefit both parties. That is a real balancing act.

I am writing as I advise a friend about how to start the business without immediate debt. I have spent a massive amount of time in meetings and Think Tanks, have served on government committees for both Homeland Security and Economic Reform. I eat sushi, and enjoy long walks with one particular, very leggy and ingenious woman, who does everything with a passion. She says if it worth doing at all, it is worth our best. The free seminar I had rendered for their Club included a free analysis of any trust deed investment considered, funded, due or overdue and in default. I did inherit a few more investors and enjoyed a long walk... I asked how she felt about net leads. Laughing she said, "Bored."  It is the end of our walk and I have shown my new friend the sites herein. Maybe I can attach an ad, before the mirror frees her, so gorgeous as she any reflection could ever show. I like the way she walks, talks, breathes...   The rest is not for telling. Sweet dreams. 

Comment by Justyn Wielenta on January 11, 2018 at 12:36am

We offer all types of loans at the best interest rate.

Loan Types: Real Estate acquisition,construction Loans,Bridge Loans,loans for Single family properties, Multi-family properties, Buy & Hold plus rehab loans, Commercial,Shortsales, Business Start Up loans and also International Loans.

Email your loan request to :

Comment by Richard Milford on January 5, 2018 at 5:27pm

Commercial loans for residential and commercial developments   250,000 to 10,000,000 

Commercial Mortgages for all types of residential and commercial properties   up to 10,000,000

Email summary of loan request to  and our website is 

Richard Milford    541-632-3560


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